Bowers & Sons has been providing NYS with stock and custom moulding for nearly 40 years.



Whether it’s running one of the profiles from our extensive collection, to a custom profile designed specifically to you, or even matching your existing profile, we can service your every need.

We have over 1,500 profiles to choose from and are continuously adding more, many times we already have what you’re looking for.


Bowers & Sons has the experience and equipment to service all aspects of mouldings. Some of the services include: Straight and curved mouldings, handrails, commercial wall rails, crowns, baseboards, exterior moulding, casings, chair rails, and PVC mouldings. 

We even have a grinding room on site for custom knife grinding and profile making. No matter how simple or complex your moulding needs are, we can make it happen.

View our mouldings profile directory.