Bowers and Sons. Made from the finest materials, developed with custom craftsmanship.


Here at Bowers & Sons, we have been finishing for over 30 years. These 30+ years have allowed us to master the process of finishing in all aspects of the industry from small residential projects to the largest, custom commercial millwork jobs, historical restoration and every job that falls in between.

With literally thousands of custom mixed stains behind us, we have mastered the art of staining and stain color matching. Whether it be from spray on dye staining, which allows us to create that deep, durable look typically only seen on high end furniture, to a hand applied wiping stain that accents highlights the wood’s natural grain, we have the tools and knowledge to bring your ideas to life in your custom wood project.

Clear Coat:
We have multiple options to tailor our topcoats to the specific needs of the customer. From UV finishes for durability to catalyzed poly and even hand rubbed catalyzed polyurethane to satisfy the job requirements. While these are the majority, nothing is out of the question from Architect specified finishes to school applications requiring water-based finishing, we have the experience and where withal to handle it all.

UV Finishing:
Ever striving to improve the process while using environmentally sound practices, we have recently installed a UV finishing line. This new line uses environmentally friendly finishes with no waste or overspray to the environment. The UV line also uses water-based cleaners allowing us the next level of production capacity and quality, while still being environmentally conscious, and able to provide the best pricing possible for our customers.

In some cases, our customers order material that will end up being painted, whether it’s before or after installation. We are able to offer water-based priming for these jobs, allowing for the perfect surface required for paint adhesion, and also cutting down on the lead time for the painting process.