Bowers & Sons sells flooring from many of the major manufacturers located all over the Eastern United States and Canada. This allows us to offer you many options and still be very price competitive while adhering to our strict quality guidelines we pride ourselves on as a company.


Bowers & Sons began to run flooring nearly 40 years ago. Mostly custom runs of wide and/or long, or a special specie. With the evolution of the flooring market we have added several services. While we still run flooring on site, many times we may resell from one of our suppliers in order to provide our customer with the best price without having to compromise on quality.

The choice to add hardwood flooring to a home adds both value and classic appeal. In today’s marketplaces customers are presented with a wide range of style and quality options. This makes it difficult for both customers and manufacturers alike to pick the best quality product.¬†

We carry a diverse line of Solid hardwood, engineered hardwood and vinyl flooring.

At Bowers and Sons, we pride ourselves on providing a constantly high quality product at a price that allows us to be competitive. When you purchase from Bowers and Sons, you can be sure that four decades of tradition, craftsmanship and process improvement are present in every product we sell.